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The evolution of strawberry consumption in Europe

Fresh strawberries are a fruit rich in vitamin C and antioxidants: its consumption is not just about nutrition, but also the use of this fruit in cosmetics, for skin care. The strawberry benefits, in fact, are numerous: just think that they favor purification and diuresis and thanks to the antioxidants it contains, they reduce cell aging. A true panacea for body and soul, organic strawberries are one of the favorite fruits for adults and children.

Strawberry consumption and its benefits

First of all organic strawberries are recommended in low-calorie diets, since they contain a very low amount of fat and are rich in vitamins. Furthermore, this fruit helps our body to strengthen bones, eyesight and even teeth. Strawberries are also often used in cosmetics because they are excellent against acne and skin impurities and strengthen nails and hair. Besides having great benefits, strawberries have a delicate taste, which makes them tasty and excellent for the preparation of desserts, principal dishes, but also strawberry starters.

Strawberry consumption over the century

In Italy, strawberries have been consumed since the Romans: then the fruit was known as fragaria and was used for the preparation of the dishes of the wealthy classes, especially during the festivities in honor of Adonis. Is strawberry a fruit with European origin? Of course, and then the strawberry fruit was then exported to America and Asia: originally it grew spontaneously in the woods, while currently almost all of the production is done by greenhouse cultivation.

The countries of Southern Europe continue to be the main producers of strawberries, even if today the main strawberry producer in the world is the United States of America, which concentrate its cultivation in California. Spain, for its part, is the leading European producer and second in the world, thanks above all to the work of Fresón de Palos, which has large nurseries in Castilla y León, for then move the plants to Huelva to be grown in a perfect condition regarding the air, altitude, proximity to the sea, etc. Italy, Germany and England are the other European countries that are strongly engaged in the cultivation and harvesting of feeding strawberries.

In recent decades, strawberry production has increased in Europe thanks to the use of new techniques in sowing and strawberry harvesting. The climate and the shape of the land are fundamental elements for the production of strawberries: Spain and Italy, above all, take advantage of the characteristics of their territory to increase the cultivation of fruit. The increase in strawberry consumption in Europe is also due to the increasing use of this fruit in other areas than food, such as cosmetics and herbal medicine. On the other hand, strawberries are one of the most popular fruits, too.

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