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Campaign «Strawberries of Europe»

The strawberries production on this old continent has increased exponentially in recent years, so much so that we can consider it a real Campaign «Strawberries of Europe». In particular, in Italy, where strawberry fruit grows in a good climate and a very favorable soil, producers are increasing. Spain has always been on the head of red strawberry production on the European continent, but Italy doesn’t want to be less, thanks to the increase in production that has been recorded in the last two years, especially in Basilicata and Campania, which are aiming for on the sowing of strawberries to raise the economy of the primary sector.

Spain and Fresón de Palos: European leaders in the production of strawberries

As we have already said, Spain is the most important European producer, concentrating most of the sowing and strawberry harvesting in the region of Huelva. Right here there are the nurseries of Fresón de Palos, particularly in the Palos de la Frontera area: the strawberry plant enjoys optimal climatic and geographical conditions for their development. Fresón de Palos is the leading strawberry producer in Europe, thanks to the continuous work of over five thousand people and the special attention in production and harvesting techniques.

Strawberries are one of the first fruist of the season and its cultivation is concentrated in the period between October and June, even if it finds its maximum development in the winter months. Thanks to the very favorable climatic conditions and the sandy ground, Spain is reconfirmed as the first European producer and the second in the world. The central role that Fresón de Palos plays is crucial for Spain to continue to maintain and strengthen its leadership.

Spanish strawberries Campaign 2018

Each campaign is different from the others and at the beginning of the season it is not possible to plan exactly what the production of strawberries will be, especially because of the often variable weather. The first part of 2018 was in fact characterized by weather problems that negatively influenced the production of strawberries and the consequent turnover. The second half of the campaign, however, allowed a clear recovery and Spain was able to satisfy its national market and also that international, thanks to the huge exports of fresh strawberries.

Italian strawberries: increasing production

Thanks to the good weather, the southern regions of Italy can be competitors of the Spain, first strawberry producer in Europe. Basilicata, for example, over the past two years, has surpassed the production of strawberries from Campania and Veneto, winning the first place in 2016 and 2017 as the Italian region with a greater cultivation and harvesting of fresh strawberries. In general, the Italian strawberry, after some years of difficulty, is experiencing a moment of recovery thanks to production techniques that allow a wider production calendar: this is possible thanks to the conformation of the Italian territory and the climatic variations, fundamental for diversifying the production of strawberries throughout Italy.

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