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When will the first strawberries arrive?

Fresón de Palos strawberries are among the most loved fruits by adults and children and, as soon as the winter season begins, we hope to taste this delicious fruit as soon as possible.
The growth of the strawberry plant depends on the climate, which influences its development and harvest, but we can already say that as early as December, we can serve excellent strawberry starters, main dishes, desserts, jams and fruit juices on the table. Fresh strawberries are ideal for the preparation of many dishes, but let’s see now how the whole process of organic strawberries growth takes place, which guarantees us to bring to the table a product that is always fresh and with an excellent quality.

Strawberry season: from the fields to the table

Despite the innovations of recent years in the agronomy sector have allowed to lengthen the period of cultivation of strawberries, the climate still directly influences the strawberry season, its growth and especially the harvest. Indicatively we can say that the period to grow your own strawberries is from February to May (a period where about 80% of the production is concentrated), even if this period is not fixed, indeed. In fact, for some years now, the first seasonal strawberries are harvested as early as mid-December, to then arrive in June with the final harvest of late production.
To guarantee a first harvest already in December, Fresón de Palos begins the sowing of strawberries, between the end of September and the beginning of October; once the seedling has been formed, it is brought into large nurseries in high-altitude areas in the region of Castile and León: in this case, we will get fruits that have not yet reached their best quality point and the December harvest usually is not very abundant. In this way, however, you can still start to taste the first fresh strawberries of the season during the Christmas period, even if at a slightly higher price compared to other periods of the year.
The strawberry varieties are different and each type is planted in a different period: in fact, it’s at the end of October when the sowing is at its highest point and starting from January / February you can taste a product of the highest quality and characterized by red color, typical of the Fresón de Palos strawberries.

Strawberry season: from the fields to the table

Strawberry is a fruit rich in vitamin C, iron, and potassium and is excellent for our health, as it has many benefits not only for our skin but also for our body. In fact, strawberries are healthy thanks to the antioxidants, contained in them, which are a panacea to decrease the level of inflammation of the tissues and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. They are also moisturizing and excellent for fighting constipation: for these reasons they are often recommended in low-calorie diets. Fresh strawberries, however, are also excellent for our palate because they allow us to prepare exquisite dishes and refreshing drinks. So for Christmas, with the first strawberries in season, we suggest you prepare a risotto with strawberries or a dessert to amaze the family during the holidays.

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