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Strawberry studies show their help against bad mood

If you think that strawberries are good only for the body, you’re wrong: this fruit, in fact, is a panacea for your spirit and has been scientifically proven that fresh strawberries are great against bad mood. A study has in fact analyzed the properties of strawberries on our body and, in addition to a high rate of vitamins and antioxidants, it was discovered that they can be effective to combat bad mood.

Strawberry nutrition facts and strawberry benefits

Organic strawberries are very rich in vitamins, including vitamins E, B and K, and a high level of vitamin C: in fact, eating five strawberries is equivalent to eat an orange. In addition, strawberries are antioxidants, because they also contain vitamin A, B1, B2, so they are excellent for keeping our skin young: strawberries are used for the preparation of face masks and creams. To this must be added, which contain mineral salts such as iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus; moreover the feeding strawberries contain a high level of fibers (therefore they can be used as natural laxatives), but at the same time a low calorie content. They are therefore very recommended for low-calorie diets: the sweet but determined taste of large strawberries allows you to prepare excellent recipes for first and second courses, desserts and snacks, as well as jams and fruit juices.

Recent studies conducted by a team of researchers at the Polytechnic University of Ancona with the collaboration of the Universities of Salamanca, Seville and Granada, have shown that strawberries are an excellent ally to reduce cholesterol. It is not the first time that studies are carried out on the properties of strawberry, but it is one of the first research linking strawberries with cholesterol. The researchers took a group of healthy volunteers who were asked to eat a pound of strawberries a day for a month. Thanks to this experiment, the scientists realized that in this way the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides were reduced.

Are strawberries good for you?

In addition to being excellent for physical health, red strawberry is a panacea also for our mental health: it seems that they can affect our state of mind and help us reduce the mood. In fact, taking strawberries periodically helps us to produce serotonin and melanin, which are not only able to make us tan faster, but also give us important support to counteract the bad mood. Even the great taste of strawberries is important to cheer us up: the delicious strawberry recipes that can be prepared with them are good to help us fight bad mood.

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