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Calendar of strawberry cultivation in Spain

Fresón de Palos strawberries are characterised by their natural red colouring, as well as the large size and consistency. The smoothness and an intense flavour are distinctive factors of fresh strawberries, which are excellent for the preparation of desserts, natural juices and of course to be savored alone. You can find this fruit during the whole year, but it’s better to buy strawberries in the period from February to May, that is during the months in which the collection of about 80% of strawberries is concentrated. But what is the best time of year for strawberry cultivation?

Strawberry cultivation

Fresón de Palos is always careful about the cultivation and production of strawberries, so as to guarantee a fresh and high quality product on the consumers table. Spain is the European leader for strawberry production, thanks to its sandy soil and a continental weather, concentrating its production in Andalusia, especially in the area of Huelva. The calendar of the cultivation of strawberries, which are the first fruit of the season of the year, goes from October to June, a month in which one you can still taste the late harvest of this fruit.

During the month of October, the strawberry cultivation begins in Spain: the seeds are placed in the ground and, during the growth, the seedlings are placed under plastic-covered tunnels, in order to protect the strawberries from the cold and the bad weather. The sowing of strawberries begins in the autumn, so that in February can start the harvesting and consumers begin to taste fresh and tasty strawberries during the winter and spring. Fresón de Palos sows different types of strawberries, paying particular attention during all stages of the process and throughout the period of cultivation and harvesting of fruit.

Strawberries all over the world

Fresón de Palos strawberries, once the harvest has begun, are exported all over the world: in particular, the cultivation of strawberries in Spain is beneficial for countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. Strawberry production is so important because strawberries are a type of fruit rich in vitamin C and with a high antioxidant power. The low caloric content and the taste so savoury make strawberries one of the most used fruit in the kitchen, especially for the preparation of desserts and fruit salads. Let’s check our recipes’ section, where you can find tasty ideas to bring to the table!

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