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Why Strawberry never gets you fat

A quick Google search is enough to discover that, for some strange reason, there are still many people wondering if strawberries get you fat. Perhaps it’s because of its sweet and extremely good taste that, as a general rule, is totally removed from any diet. In addition, we tend to think that if something tastes good, it may not be good. Luckily we have good news! The fruit in general (even the one that contains a lot of fructose) and the strawberry in particular are not a problem to keep us in good health.

To better understand why the strawberry doesn’t get us fat we must keep in mind its low caloric content. Strawberries only provide 30 calories per 100 grams. In fact, strawberries are composed of about 90% water.

Strawberry sugars are not harmful (recent scientific studies have shown that these sugars are beneficial), even for people with cholesterol or liver problems. What’s more, strawberries have a purifying effect on the body, which comes in handy to keep the liver healthy.

But that’s not all: strawberries are rich in enzymes that have a positive effect on the digestion of protein and the burning of fat, what helps to lose weight with less effort. In addition, strawberries are also rich in fiber so, as occurs with this type of food, they increase the feeling of fullness and regulates intestinal activity.

It seems logical but it is worth to remind ourselfs that to prevent weight gain it’s better to avoid adding sugar to strawberries. This is the only way you can increase the caloric intake from strawberries. And remember, sugar is one of the worst enemies of any diet. Needless to say that, to not gain extra kilos and unfairly blame the strawberries, it’s recommended not to consume them with cream. Not only hydrates and calories increases, cream has a lot of fat.

Once strawberry benefits are known, we should all be clear on one thing: strawberries aren’t fattening, that’s just a myth. It’s the task of all of us, strawberry lovers, to raise public awareness of this fruit benefits. Enjoy the goodness of Freson de Palos strawberries, guilt free!

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