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Best Strawberry Flavour Ice Cream in London

Summer is also synonymous with ice cream, and for true strawberry lovers like you, this means… frozen strawberries. For this reason we want to show you the best ice cream parlors in London, unique places where you can taste the best strawberry ice cream or enjoy other flavours with strawberries among its main ingredients.


Very close to the absolute center of London, in Camden, is located one of the ice cream parlors of London with authentic Italian «gelatto». Inaugurated by a couple of brothers a couple of years ago, this ice cream shop is perfect to taste the best of Italian artisan ice creams outside Italy. The flavours that stand out are chocolate, cookies and of course strawberry ice cream.


After a short walk through the center of the city, without getting too far from Amorino, we discover another charming ice cream shop. This ice cream parlor, where you have to wait a little in line to taste their ice cream, is in the surrounding area of the well-known Covent Garden. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit it, you better try the Amaretto, pistachio nuts or raspberries ice creams.

Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio is the outcome of an initiative launched by a London Business School student group. They started their ice cream business with two local stores, one in Holland Park and the other one in Notting Hill. The success was such that they already have a third establishment in St. John’s Wood. In addition to the classic strawberry ice cream, its star flavours are nocciola (hazelnut), stracciatella and arancia (orange sorbet).

Gelateria Valerie

If you’re taking a stroll through Chelsea, Gelateria Valerie is your ice cream shop. It’s located near Duke of York Square, at the begining of King’s Road. From its large windows you can enjoy a very nice view of the city while you eat chocolate or mascarpone ice cream.


Gelupo is one of the best ice cream shops in the City. Aside from their Italian-British creamy artisan ice creams, you may not miss their pies and cakes. They come in through the eyes and are truly delectable. By the way, it’s on Archer Street.

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