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The strawberry season begins

Eating seasonal fruit is the first step to follow a balanced and correct diet for our body. The red strawberry is the first fruit of the season because it is the first that we find on our tables already at the beginning of the year. When we talk about strawberry season we consider a period between the months of January and May, even if in recent years the production has expanded and we can find the first fruits in December and the late harvest in June. The fresh strawberries are therefore our best ally to start the year well, in a healthy way and with dishes rich in flavor.

Fresón de Palos strawberries

Since 1982, Fresón de Palos has made a commitment to bring to our tables a product always fresh and of excellent quality: a group of professionals in the sector has the task of following the feeding strawberries throughout the period of growth, from sowing until strawberry harvest. This means that the largest strawberry producer in Europe can seem to offer its customers an excellent product.

The process begins in the high altitude nurseries of the region of Castile and Leon, where we proceed with the sowing of strawberries and where the seedlings begin their process of growth. Between late autumn and early winter, the plants are brought to Palos de la Frontera, where their growth will be completed: here, thanks to the mild climate and the sandy soil, the strawberries grow in an ideal and very favorable environment. Once matured, the organic strawberries of Fresón de Palos are characterized by a bright red color and the large size of the fruit. In addition, the scent and flavor of freshly picked strawberries make this fruit a product of excellent quality. It is however important to remember that a team of experts follows the whole process from the formation of the plant to the ripening of the fruit.

Once this point has been reached, the strawberry will be harvested, mainly in the period between January and May, and once the product has reached the plants of Fresón de Palos, it will be subjected to further quality control here.

Strawberry: recipes

The first fruit of the season is a great ally to prepare tasty and innovative dishes, to make everyone happy in the kitchen. The organic strawberries, in fact, can be used to create new recipes for first and second courses, but also desserts, jams and excellent natural fruit juices. In addition you can prepare appetizing strawberry starters, perhaps combining this fruit with delicious cheeses and wines. Strawberry jam is excellent for making pies and pastries, while strawberry juice can be used to create cocktails or detox drinks. If you are curious to discover many original ideas, you can visit our page dedicated to recipes.

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