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How do I know if a strawberry is ripe?

Very often we believe that if a fruit is green it means that it is not very ripe and that instead, if it has a strong color, it is ready to be brought to the table. But be careful, because it doesn’t work properly like that. Let’s see together how to understand when a red strawberry is ripe and ready to be consumed or used in the preparation of tasty recipes and strawberry starters.

First of all you have to be careful when you buy fruit and it is always advised to choose organic and zero-kilometer products. Another important factor that determines the choice of one fruit rather than another is the degree of ripeness: obviously the fruit must be ripe to be eaten, partly because the taste is sweeter and more appetizing, but also because some unripe fruits may even be toxic to our body.

When the strawberry is ripe?

Strawberry is a very particular fruit because often its appearance deceives. Usually the unripe strawberries are green, then during the ripening process they turn white and finally red. But it is also possible to find unripe red strawberries: why? This happens because, when a big strawberry is collected, it stops ripening, despite the red color, characteristic of the fruit, continues to intensify.

So to understand if a strawberry is ripe we must not only look at the color, but pay attention to its scent: in fact, if the strawberry has its characteristic scent means that it is ripe, otherwise it is not. If at the time of purchase, organic strawberries are white or pale pink it means that they have not been harvested at the right time because they are not yet ripe. Be careful, however, with too much red strawberries: if they have a dark color it means they are old and could be harmful to our health. Once you understand how to know when the fruit is ripe, it’s time to learn about the benefits of strawberry on our body.

Vitamin C in strawberries

Are strawberries healthy? Yes they are, thanks to the low caloric content they contain and to be an important source of ellagic acid, which is an effective anticancer. In addition, organic strawberries are antioxidants, as well as being refreshing and diuretic and contain a good percentage of xylitol, good for our teeth as it helps to kill germs responsible for bad breath. One of the greatest benefits for our body, however, is the important contribution of vitamin C in strawberries: this fact is a panacea to strengthen the skin, but also our hair, as well as making our immune system more resistant and lower cholesterol levels in the blood.


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