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Discover the Strawberry Coast

We are in Spain and we are talking about the Costa de la Luz, or the «coast of light», an emblematic place for Andalusian tourism, but also land of solitary beaches between the mouth of the river Guadiana (on the border with Portugal) and Tarifa, all extreme south of the Iberian Peninsula. Besides the crystalline sea and the white beaches, this strip of land is also famous for the strawberry bush: in fact, especially in the city of Palos de la Frontera, surrounded by natural landscapes, a large number of strawberry runners are concentrated, which have converted the province of Huelva into the world’s first strawberry producer.

Between white beaches and strawberry varieties

The strawberry season is concentrated in the months from December to May, although in recent years we have tried to slightly extend production until June. The strawberry is the first fruit of the season that is served on our tables and accompanies us throughout the winter season: in fact, thanks to its sweet but decisive flavor, the strawberries are excellent for the preparation of delicious first and second courses, jams, desserts and natural fruit juices.

The strawberry harvest in Spain is mainly concentrated in the province of Huelva and extends in part along the inner areas of the Strawberry Coast which, thanks to the climate and the type of land, offers the ideal characteristics for growing strawberries. Until a few years ago, they were local fishermen and farmers who took care of the strawberry harvest, but over time the cultivation of this delicious fruit has spread so much to draw the attention of the great strawberry producers. Actually, organic strawberries, after lemons and oranges, are the most widely exported Spanish fruit in Europe. And the most interesting fact is that Huelva strawberries make up over 90% of the national market and about 80% of the European market, converting the Strawberry Coast into the undisputed queen for the production of this fruit.

This strip of land in the South of Spain is mainly known for maritime tourism, particularly in spring and summer months, although currently the importance of the Costa de la Luz is mainly due to the production of feeding strawberries. So, if you are passionate about the sea and you like the crystalline sand, besides being greedy eaters of fresh strawberries, the Strawberry Coast is the place for you. Here you can combine business with pleasure and enjoy a wonderful holiday, as well as tasting high quality organic strawberries. So directly from the strawberry plant to your table.

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