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How strawberries can help you lose weight?

Fresh strawberries are one of the first fruit of the season that we can find on the market, as their sale is concentrated in the months from January to May, although in reality we can find the first harvest already in December and the late one until June. The fruit of the strawberry is not only excellent for the preparation of delicious dishes, jams, fruit juices and strawberry appetizers, but is particularly suitable for taking care of our body. In fact, the benefits of strawberry are numerous both for our skin and for our body. But let’s see them together and find out if are strawberries good for you.

Strawberry benefits

We have already answer to the question “are strawberries healthy?”, but what makes them one of the fruits that have more benefits for us? First of all, they are a panacea for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases: in fact, fresh strawberries are rich in antioxidants that help to reduce the level of inflammation of the tissues, thus reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. Organic strawberries are also excellent for the health of the skin, so much so that they are often used for the preparation of facial exfoliating masks and creams: regularly consume this fruit helps us in fact eliminate toxins that accelerate the aging process.

But the benefits do not end there, because everbearing strawberries are also our allies to protect the eyesight, thanks to the fact that they contain high levels of carotene, particularly indicated to protect the eyes. In addition, vitamin C in strawberries keeps the cornea and the retina healthy, as well as strengthening our immune system and protecting us from seasonal illnesses.

Are strawberries fattening?

Feeding strawberries are a fruit rich in water and contain very few calories, for this reason they are particularly recommended for low-calorie diets. They are also very moisturizing, thanks to their composition made up of about 92% of water: they are therefore suitable for refreshing the body and counteracting the loss of liquids. In addition to being a natural anti-inflammatory, strawberries are rich in fiber that can help us to improve bowel movement, thus fighting constipation. Finally, they help to counteract abdominal inflammation and symptoms associated with slow digestion. All these strawberry benefits can help us to lose weight: therefore, to associate the consumption of strawberries, with a healthy diet and regular sport activity is great for losing the extra weight, especially after the Christmas holidays or the excesses of summer. To lose weight, we can prepare excellent recipes based on strawberries: fresh and light dishes that bring us the right nutritional needs, without weighing us down. Natural juices, jams and compotes, delicious pasta dishes, light desserts but full of taste: you can visit our page dedicated to strawberry recipes.

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