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The benefits of strawberry in the diet

Strawberry is the common name given to the fruit composed of several species of strawberries. These, in turn, are herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Fragaria, family Rosaceae. With red color and flavor characterized by the mixture of sweet and sour, the strawberry is very consumed in Europe and in the world, especially in times of harvest, in which it is easier to find the fruit in the market and at a more affordable cost. This period usually goes from January to June.

In this article we will discuss a little more about the properties of the fruit and what the benefits of the strawberry for health.

Keeps your heart rate

The reddish color of the fruit is due to the anthocyanins, substances that neutralize the free radicals. «Studies show that high consumption of the substance can reduce the risk of heart attacks».

Guarantees of good doses of Vitamin-C

Strawberry is full of that nutrient. The substance strengthens the immune system, it is important in the process of healing of wounds and aid in the absorption of iron of the vegetables. Also, prevents influenza, infections and strengthens the teeth and bones.

Low calories

Strawberry can help you lose weight by having a few calories. The equivalent of 9 medium strawberries, 100g of the fruit, contains only 45 calories. That is, each unit contains around 5 calories, and is still free from saturated fats. Clearly the amount of calories in the meal can vary according to the combination made. So it is important to dose the intake of accompaniments because the excess can bring undesirable results. The strawberry is rich in complex B, K and omega-3 vitamins. It offers copper, potassium and magnesium to the body.

Brain protection

Researchers investigated the way the brain nerves age from the analysis of mice. They found that aging compromises the natural ability to clean the brain. This cleaning is done by cells called Microglia, which remove and recycle biochemical debris that compromises brain function.

According to specialists, a natural component called Polyphenolic, found in the strawberry, helps restore the function of the Microglia.

Lots of nutrients

Compared to other fruits, strawberry concentrates good amounts of vitamins and minerals. In addition to vitamin C, the little red fruit has silicon, manganese, potassium, magnesium, B-complex vitamins and vitamin K. These nutrients are essential for the functioning of the organism, since they control from the production of hormones to the functioning of the heart and of the brain.

Avoid premature ageing

Foods such as strawberry helps against early ageing, especially because its antioxidant function (help eliminate toxins from the body, which cause early ageing and other diseases) is recommended by dietitians. Below, you will better understand how this powerful fruit contributes to maintaining the beauty and health of the body.

These are some of the reasons why most nutritionists indicate the daily consumption of strawberry in the diet. In addition to being delicious, the fruit can help maintain your mental and physical health.

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