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Benefits of strawberries

Beyond the great flavor, what would you say about the strawberry? That delicious red fruit has many qualities, some of them unknown by many. Here are 10 benefits of strawberries perhaps you did not know.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of strawberries

It is well known that strawberries are a powerful source of natural antioxidant, which suits us well to take care of our body. It’s a fantastic way to remove toxins and purify our body. But strawberries also hide other exciting mysteries.

1. Pampers your eyes

One of the great benefits of strawberry is its high vitamin A content. This is why strawberries reinforce our night vision. In addition, this red fruit is able to mitigate the chances of contracting eye diseases. In fact, a diet rich in strawberries is said to keep cataracts or glaucoma farther away.

2. Whiten your teeth

Now that extreme session of teeth whitening is in fashion, eating strawberries will assure you natural whitening without abrasions or increased tooth sensitivity. What more could we ask for!

3. Reduces inflammation

Among the many other benefits it provides, the strawberry has a great anti-inflammatory power. This comes in handy for those who cannot take medications to reduce swelling. After all, we talk about a natural anti-inflammatory.

4. Good rejuvenation agent

Some habitual intake of strawberries will allow you to delay the signs of skin ageing. This is due to the antioxidant power of strawberries.

5. Help during pregnancy

Strawberries are good food for expectant moms. These fruits are also a good source of folic acid (a B vitamin), which is vital during the pregnancy period.

6. Insulin regulator

Strawberries are fantastic as supplements in the diets of diabetic people. The reason is clear. Among its qualities, the strawberry helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

7. Relieves the symptoms of the menopause

Menopause is one of the most delicate moments for women. During this period, women experience hormonal changes that can bring unpleasant effects. Hot flashes and sweats are the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Strawberries included in the daily diet will be very helpful for women in menopause, as they reduce the intensity of annoying hot flashes.

8. Control blood pressure

Strawberries have many beneficial effects for the body’s cardiovascular system and also help control blood pressure. Its effects as diuretics are well known. This quality makes this fruit a delicious way to control blood pressure. It will be an exquisite way to lower blood pressure of people suffering from hypertension.

10. It helps to lose weight

Strawberries are highly recommended in weight loss diets. Its ability to combat bloating, cleansing and diuretic effects, and very low caloric intake… are just some of the qualities that make strawberries the perfect food when you diet.

11. Combats skin blemishes and acne

You don’t have to eat strawberries to benefit from its nutrients and qualities. Strawberry face masks can help us fight skin problems. It works particularly well fighting against skin blemishes and improving acne.

These are only 10 benefits of strawberries perhaps you did not know. However, there are many more. You will be amazed to know all the qualities of the strawberry. Invest a little of your time and research allthe secrets of this delicious fruit.

Although we are sure that strawberries have many beneficial properties, we must act with common sense. Concerning diseases and health problems, always consult a doctor.


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