Fresón de Palos´s very positive balance after its presence at the WOP-DUBAI

Fresón de Palos just concluded the 3 days exhibition at the WOP Dubai, with a very positive balance. From December the 5th until the 7th , the Spanish company/firm attended the event, with an alive and busy stand at one of the most important shows for the Middle East gathering at the Dubai World Trade Center more than 300 firms

Recipe: Strawberry Pie

Perfect for any special occasion, this beautiful, fresh homemade strawberry pie is the easiest thing in the world to make. Made with a flaky pastry, cheesecake filling and bursting with fresh strawberries. The bigger the strawberries, the better! Although Fresón de Palos strawberries will not be available in the market until December, it´s not too early to start experimenting with pies and

Strawberry Songs

Strawberry in songs I The summer is over. However, we can still enjoy a great sunny day outside picking strawberries. In Spain, depending on which part of the country you are in, Fresón de Palos strawberry is picked up from December to June. You can also use strawberries to prepare a delicious strawberry pie or strawberry mousse recipe. Whether you collect

Are strawberry aprhrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is defined as a food or drug that arouses sexual instinct, brings on desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and it would appear that a lot of our common aphrodisiacs and associations of love stem from that time. Do you believea food is able to

Strawberry Mousse Recipe

I don’t think there are many other desserts as elegant, delicious and easy to prepare as a good mousse. Here you have a very simple recipe that will only take you 10 minutes. Creamy and airy, this strawberry moussetastes like a dream. You will just have to process strawberries and sugar and mix with the cream cheese, vanilla extract, and

Summer holidays in Punta Umbría

Punta Umbría is a town located in Huelva, province ofthe autonomous community of Andalusia, in Spain. Punta Umbria is a fishing village situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the riaof Huelva, and offers a wide range of beautifulgolden sand beaches. History Punta Umbría dates to the last third of the 19th century, between the arrival of the staff members of
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