The benefits of strawberry in the diet

Strawberry is the common name given to the fruit composed of several species of strawberries. These, in turn, are herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Fragaria, family Rosaceae. With red color and flavor characterized by the mixture of sweet and sour, the strawberry is very consumed in Europe and in the world, especially in times of harvest, in which it

Chocolate cake recipe with strawberries

Who resists a fluffy chocolate cake stuffed with condensed milk and strawberry? This recipe is ideal for strawberry lovers and chocolate, whether it be bitter or not. The preparation mode is easy and fast and also several appliances are not necessary for its preparation. Moreover, we’ll teach you how to make the filling and cover of this delicious recipe. Ingredients

Benefits of strawberries

Beyond the great flavor, what would you say about the strawberry? That delicious red fruit has many qualities, some of them unknown by many. Here are 10 benefits of strawberries perhaps you did not know. Let’s unravel the mysteries of strawberries It is well known that strawberries are a powerful source of natural antioxidant, which suits us well to take

Strawberries in movies

It’s impossible to resist the sweetness of strawberries and in the film world they know it. There are several movies with mythical scenes where strawberries are equally, or even more important, than the protagonists of the film. We mean more than desserts or strawberry-based sweets stuffing down our throats every time when we see them appear in the movies. We

Hot desserts with strawberries

Every time we think of a strawberry-based dessert, lifelong strawberries with cream come to mind. They’re delicious, it’s true, but in the world of cooking it’s impossible to limit yourself to one dish type. On this occasion we want to show you some of the hot desserts with strawberries that most appeal to us. Hot strawberries with pepper and vanilla

New Year's Eve in Spain

The New Year’s Eve in Spain is one of the most special moments throughout the year. It is tradition to dine with family or friends and to eat one grape with each of the last 12 strokes of the gong before midnight, so that the New Year brings you luck. Of course, it is accompanied by a Cava wine’s toast
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