Did you know that strawberries possess a cavity-fighting substance?

Sustainables strawberries are rich in vitamins and can bring a lot of benefits to our body. Strawberries are good for you and your health, not only as a food but also for the preparation of natural creams and masks for the face: the strawberry benefits, in fact, help the skin to be younger and more elastic, as well as nourishing

Why the strawberries are so famous in Wimbledon?

Every place in the world is characterized by a typical dish or a recurrent food in the preparation of food: so in Italy are famous pasta and pizza, in Spain the paella and in Belgium the fries with mussels. But why are strawberries so famous in Wimbledon? Maybe some monarch has spread the fashion, or is it very common in

Strawberry transparent cake recipe

Strawberry is one of the best fruits to be used for the preparation of cakes, mousses and creams, thanks to its delicate and fresh flavor. From February to May we advise you to introduce strawberries into your diet, as they are rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium. Take a look at our section of recipes with strawberries, so you

Strawberries and wine? A strange combination that tastes wonderful

Sometimes one wonders if fruit can be combined with wine. The high acidity and the harshness below the palate may indicate that fruit is not easily combined with wine. Have you ever tried strawberries with champagne or a wine-flavored fruit dessert? Let’s see the best combinations of wine and strawberries, for an explosion of taste on your table. How to

Calendar of strawberry cultivation in Spain

Fresón de Palos strawberries are characterised by their natural red colouring, as well as the large size and consistency. The smoothness and an intense flavour are distinctive factors of fresh strawberries, which are excellent for the preparation of desserts, natural juices and of course to be savored alone. You can find this fruit during the whole year, but it’s better

Strawberries: The most vitamin C-containing fruit

Foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, Pineapple and guava help to strengthen the body’s natural defenses because it contains antioxidants that combat the free radicals that in excess favor the installation of diseases. Foods rich in vitamin C are mostly citrus fruits, they help strengthen the body’s natural defenses. What is Vitamin-C? Vitamin C, or
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