How strawberries can help you lose weight?

Fresh strawberries are one of the first fruit of the season that we can find on the market, as their sale is concentrated in the months from January to May, although in reality we can find the first harvest already in December and the late one until June. The fruit of the strawberry is not only excellent for the preparation

6 Interesting facts about Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are one of the favorite fruits especially for children, thanks to their delicate but at the same time decisive taste, and we can use them to prepare excellent dishes, desserts and fruit juices. In the market there are many varieties of strawberry, which we can buy at the supermarket, from the greengrocer or directly from the producers of

Strawberry Frozen Recipe

Perfect for summer evenings, strawberry frozen is a delicious and refreshing drink, prepared with organic strawberries, and usually everyone likes it. For adults, it’s also excellent the variant with rum or tequila, for the preparation of excellent frozen cocktails with feeding strawberries. Preparation time: 20 minutes Number of servings: 2 people Difficulty: 2 stars Ingredients: 10 fresh strawberries 1 jelly

When will the first strawberries arrive?

Fresón de Palos strawberries are among the most loved fruits by adults and children and, as soon as the winter season begins, we hope to taste this delicious fruit as soon as possible. The growth of the strawberry plant depends on the climate, which influences its development and harvest, but we can already say that as early as December, we

Strawberry studies show their help against bad mood

If you think that strawberries are good only for the body, you’re wrong: this fruit, in fact, is a panacea for your spirit and has been scientifically proven that fresh strawberries are great against bad mood. A study has in fact analyzed the properties of strawberries on our body and, in addition to a high rate of vitamins and antioxidants,

Smoked truffle with strawberry sauce recipe

To face the summer heat with the right spirit, the recipe of smoked truffle with strawberry sauce is what is right for you: fresh, light, but above all an explosion of colors and flavors, which will also match the palates of the more difficult to conquer. Preparation time: 20 minutes  Number of servings: 4 people  Difficulty:  2 stars Ingredients: 10
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