Fresón de Palos launches its new Sustainable Fresón line in biodegradable packaging

Fresón de Palos expects to market over 80,000 tons of berries this season The situation is normal at the start of the 2020 campaign for Fresón de Palos, which expects its production to peak in spring and the total volume until early June to exceed 80 million kilos. These figures will help the company consolidate as a leader in the

Fresón de Palos shows it cares

Food Bank of Huelva takes delivery of freshly harvested strawberries for people in need Huelvan soft fruit giant Fresón de Palos has donated more than 15 tonnes of fresh strawberries to a local food bank as part of its ongoing collaboration with the charity. On Monday a truck carrying 15,200kg of strawberries harvested that morning was delivered to the Food

How do I know if a strawberry is ripe?

Very often we believe that if a fruit is green it means that it is not very ripe and that instead, if it has a strong color, it is ready to be brought to the table. But be careful, because it doesn’t work properly like that. Let’s see together how to understand when a red strawberry is ripe and ready

The strawberry season begins

Eating seasonal fruit is the first step to follow a balanced and correct diet for our body. The red strawberry is the first fruit of the season because it is the first that we find on our tables already at the beginning of the year. When we talk about strawberry season we consider a period between the months of January

Discover the Strawberry Coast

We are in Spain and we are talking about the Costa de la Luz, or the “coast of light”, an emblematic place for Andalusian tourism, but also land of solitary beaches between the mouth of the river Guadiana (on the border with Portugal) and Tarifa, all extreme south of the Iberian Peninsula. Besides the crystalline sea and the white beaches,

Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries recipe

The recipe of lemon ricotta ravioli with balsamic roasted strawberries is a delicate dish, prepared with fresh strawberries, and suitable to amaze our guests during an important dinner but also for a lunch with friends. The sweetish taste of ricotta goes perfectly with the sweet and sour aroma of organic strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Preparation time: 60 minutes Number of
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