Corporate Social Responsibility

Fresón de Palos is committed to equality and diversity, never forgetting that there are still goals to achieve, but valuing the fact that we are getting ever closer to the company we want to continue to build together.

Currently, 56% of the workforce are women, having achieved parity (50%) in positions of responsibility and technical capability in the company´s various functional areas.

Fresón de Palos advocates and applies equal pay with no discrimination of any kind on the basis of gender or ethnicity, and currently has employees of eight different nationalities.


Ethical, Labour and Social Responsibility Plan (PRELSI): our farmers are covered by the ELSRP, a mediation body that audits and strives for the improvement of the pay conditions of workers in agricultural enterprises and guarantees the right to safety and protection in the workplace, as well as the eradication of all those conducts that threaten human dignity and discrimination on the basis of gender.

Risk assessment in social practices: Global GAP-GRASP

Equality and commitment plan: The cooperative has a mandatory plan that promotes equality of rights and opportunities for men and women. It also has a protocol for detecting any situations of abuse or violence and a mechanism to report and act on them via an equality committee.

Similarly, we demand the legal standards of our providers (farmers and other suppliers) are subjected to external audits, with no irregularities being tolerated, either in terms of physical or mental health or in the safety of their workers.

Our commitment to the internal workers of the company and the external workers of companies related to it are a priority, as it is for the rest of the institutions, associations and media that ensure social welfare and respect for human rights.

Aflora Plan: Employee disability detection plan. In Fresón de Palos, we accept and support diversity.

Family Plan: Plan to help employees and family members with disabilities.

Employment mediation, training and job placement for people at risk of social exclusion: Permanent collaboration with the Red Cross.

Collaborations with non-profit associations: Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank), Asociación Huelva Diabetes (Huelva Diabetes Association), Asociación Andaluza de Transplantes Hepáticos (Andalusian Association for Liver Transplants), Asociación Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors Association), Asociación Arrabales (Arrabales Association), Asociación Alzheimer AFAME (Alzheimer Association,) UNICEF, Cinco al Día (Five a Day), Aspapronias, Cáritas among others.

Campaigns to promote diversity and support for people with difficulty finding a job, together with the Adecco Foundation

Work placement programmes for university students, collaboration with Huelva University. In addition to guided visits on our premises for schoolchildren to learn about the production process and the different professional profiles required for each job.

Regular collaboration with the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Association Against Cancer) via Interfresa fundraising campaigns.

Collaboration with the Congreso de Oncología del Instituto Experiencia Paciente (Oncology Congress of the Patient Experience Institute) at the Carlos III Institute, Madrid.

Collaboration with the Congreso Derechos de los Pacientes (Patients’ RightsCongress) at the La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

Cultural collaborations, such as the WOFEST film festival, aimed at promoting female directors and incorporating women into all technical departments, and the Huelwarhol collective exhibition at Huelva Museum.

Sports collaborations: Dozens of collaborations and sponsorships from children’s sports schools, teams and competitions within the nearest social environment, promoting effort, teamwork, physical exercise, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits.