Fresón de Palos launches its new Sustainable Fresón line in biodegradable packaging

Fresón de Palos expects to market over 80,000 tons of berries this season

The situation is normal at the start of the 2020 campaign for Fresón de Palos, which expects its production to peak in spring and the total volume until early June to exceed 80 million kilos. These figures will help the company consolidate as a leader in the strawberry sector, while continuing to become stronger with other berries, such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

The famous Huelva-based firm continues to fill the Spanish shelves with its products and also has a great presence in twenty other countries. One of this year’s launches is the Sustainable Fresón line, a registered trademark in six languages with which it will market fruit in a biodegradable container. This once again confirms the cooperative’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

In terms of promotion, Fresón de Palos is developing a powerful campaign with Sony Pictures and the movie Peter Rabbit: The Runaway, encouraging family consumption and adhering to a brand positioning strategy which involves rejuvenating the target and expanding the consumer profile, presenting itself as a healthy eating alternative.

In terms of infrastructure, Fresón de Palos has inaugurated a new storage center this year. This is a response to the increase in volumes and new formats that have been introduced in recent years for the entire range of berries. Moreover, it has updated and modernized an important part of its automated production machinery, making it more efficient and adapting it to the new products manufactured at its three production centers in Palos de la Frontera.