Fresón de Palos shows it cares

Food Bank of Huelva takes delivery of freshly harvested strawberries for people in need

Huelvan soft fruit giant Fresón de Palos has donated more than 15 tonnes of fresh strawberries to a local food bank as part of its ongoing collaboration with the charity.

On Monday a truck carrying 15,200kg of strawberries harvested that morning was delivered to the Food Bank of Huelva’s headquarters from where it was distributed to some 30,000 people in need throughout the local area.

This is one of many charitable and health causes supported by the company, which also collaborates with the Diabetes Association, Andalusian Association of Liver Transplants, AFAME Alzheimer Association, Unicef and the 5-a-day campaign.

It also works actively with organisations such as the Red Cross on labour mediation, training, inclusion and diversity issues.

Fuente: Maura Maxwell, Eurofruit.