Strawberry paddle recipe with condensed milk

A fresh and tasty recipe for the summer is the strawberry paddle with condensed milk. The strawberry fruit can be used to prepare numerous recipes and drinks and, thanks to its delicate taste, can be combined perfectly with numerous foods. Then prepare the strawberry puddle with condensed milk, a quick recipe and ideal for combating summer heat! Preparation time: 20

Did you know that strawberries possess a cavity-fighting substance?

Sustainables strawberries are rich in vitamins and can bring a lot of benefits to our body. Strawberries are good for you and your health, not only as a food but also for the preparation of natural creams and masks for the face: the strawberry benefits, in fact, help the skin to be younger and more elastic, as well as nourishing

Why the strawberries are so famous in Wimbledon?

Every place in the world is characterized by a typical dish or a recurrent food in the preparation of food: so in Italy are famous pasta and pizza, in Spain the paella and in Belgium the fries with mussels. But why are strawberries so famous in Wimbledon? Maybe some monarch has spread the fashion, or is it very common in