Fresón de Palos - Capodanno in Spagna

New Year's Eve in Spain

The New Year’s Eve in Spain is one of the most special moments throughout the year. It is tradition to dine with family or friends and to eat one grape with each of the last 12 strokes of the gong before midnight, so that the New Year brings you luck. Of course, it is accompanied by a Cava wine’s toast

Wop Dubai Fresón de Palos

Fresón de Palos´s very positive balance after its presence at the WOP-DUBAI

Fresón de Palos just concluded the 3 days exhibition at the WOP Dubai, with a very positive balance. From December the 5th until the 7th , the Spanish company/firm attended the event, with an alive and busy stand at one of the most important shows for the Middle East gathering at the Dubai World Trade Center more than 300 firms